Sapa tours, go to heaven once!

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    Sapa tours are one of the most fantastic things to do when coming to Vietnam, something can leave tourists peace in the soul, deep impressions, and unforgettable memories.” – that’s what most of the tourists who have just come back from a trip to Vietnam said.

    Even though Halong Bay, Nha Trang or Hoi An are the most tourist attractions of Vietnam which have brought thousands of tourists to Vietnam each year, there’s a destination that’s known as the paradise for bikers and especially trekkers, that’s Sapa.


    You can easily fall in love with the friendliness of the ethnic people if experiencing the homestay Sapa tours, can feel the warmth right in the middle of this cold region if seeing the lovely smile of the children as well as the women here, their smile always brightens up all the mist-wrapped scenery here. If there’s any chance, you can try experiencing their daily works as real farmers of Sapa. It’ll be very hard but relaxing, which can help you forget all the worry that you still keep in mind before starting this trip, help you know that the people in Sapa are very optimistic even though they have to work a lot and save every penny.


    Thanks to those experiences, Sapa tours are no more just a trip to a mountainous region but also a journey full of memories and lessons that you can learn from the lovely locals.

    For any time in a year, making the Sapa tours in Vietnam will leave you a deep impression and wonderful experience. But to most of tourists who used to been in the Sapa trekking tours, they all say that the best Sapa tours Vietnam is a tour which is made in September to October, which means in the Autumn of this land, when Sapa is covered with stunning golden terraced fields which looks like a magical yellow ribbon of the Mother Earth.

    But sightseeing is not everything that the good Sapa tours have to offer tourists, its diversified and unique culture, its ethnic minority groups, its markets and it’s festivals are also something that made the attraction of Sapa.

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